ICP 국제인라인지도자자격증을 접하면서 알게된 스케이팅의 신, David이 올해로 샌프란시스코 골든게이트공원에 주말 스케이팅 클럽을 설립하고 패트롤과 이벤트 등을 통해 스케이터들의 권익과 안전을 위해 애쓴지 30주년을 맞이했다고 합니다. 아울러 결혼 30주년이라고 하네요. 그의 부인은 물론 두명의 자녀도 훌륭한 스케이터라고 합니다.

주말마다 유모차에 스피커를 실고 다니면서 흥겨운 음악을 틀고 스케이터를 모으고 함께 즐거움을 공유하였고, 안무가로서 DJ 로서 30년을 줄곧 스케이팅에 헌신한 David 은 스케이팅의 산 증인이고 전설이라고 부르기에 부족함이 없을 듯 합니다.

올 6월에 본격적인 기념행사를 계획하고 있다고 합니다. 기대됩니다. ^^

그에 대한 경력과 수식어가 아래와 같이  한창입니다.


Coordinator,, Golden Gate Park Skate Patrol
President, California Outdoor Rollerskating Association
Founder/Leader Midnight Rollers Friday Night Skate
Creator / Coordinator Skate Against Violence Campaign
President, D.M.J. Inline Sports Marketing
Owner, The Inline Academy Skate School
Former Member, Board of Directors, San Francisco Public Television Corporation
Producer/Director, Skatin’ Place
Co-Chairman, San Francisco Skate Advisory Committee
Explorer Advisor, Explorer Post #582
Member, The Free The Park Coalition
Member, Advocates for a Safe Golden Gate Park

최근 Youtubu에서도 많은 활동을 보이고 있는데요,

People wonder why the GodFather of Skating is doing less races and more skate parties. This video will show you exactly why. THIS IS LOTS MORE FUN!!!!!!!

대회보다는 파트를 더 열고 즐기는 그가 보여주고 싶은 스케이팅의 철학이 다분히 담겨있는 영상입니다.  (호옷, ^^ 저도 파티 좋습니다.)

다른 소식은 그에 대한 지역신문에서 발췌한 내용입니다.

Godfather of Skating’ still rolling By Andrea Koskey
Examiner Staff Writer 3/9/09

Wheels of time: David Miles, Jr., the “Godfather of Skating,” celebrates his 30th anniversary of when he first began skating in Golden Gate Park.
Cindy Chew/The Examiner SAN FRANCISCO –

David Miles Jr., dubbed affectionately by locals as the “Godfather of Skating,” took his first spin on the asphalt near Sixth Avenue and Kennedy Drive in 1979.
On Sunday the godfather, dressed in black attire and red fuzzy skates, celebrated his 30th skating anniversary in Golden Gate Park by, well, skating.

Miles said he never thought he’d spend his life promoting and supporting skating, but 30 years after he first rolled on Golden Gate Park’s pavement, the 53-year-old father of three has become an advocate for skaters across The City.

“It’s my life now,” he said. “Everything revolves around skating.”

That includes fighting to expand skating in The City to Sunday Streets and pushing to create a year round skate park at Pier 48.

“I believe in the idea of recreational asphalt,” he said with a smile. “When you remove the cars, it’s a playground for the 21st century.”

Miles’ fight to keep his wheels turning started several decades ago. When the roller skating craze hit Golden Gate Park in the early 1980’s, neighbors complained about the throngs of skaters and a rise in injuries. Miles helped establish the “Skate Patrol,” a volunteer roller patrol that continues today, keeping skaters safe and out of restricted areas.

However, Sunday’s festivities weren’t about patrolling, but choreographed dances and thumping music. Dozens of people joined the celebration, whether skating to music blasting from speakers strapped to a baby stroller, or simply watching from the sidelines.

“This is why I come,” said Robert Madda, before busting a move, twirling around and skating off.

Anna Adea, 44, of the Sunset district, has been coming to the park to skate for the past 20 years. She said she was a member of the Skate Patrol with Miles.

This isn’t the only notable anniversary the godfather will celebrate this year. In June, he and his wife will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. The pair met while skating.